I like to draw big pictures.

I like to draw big pictures.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Are you still looking for jobs?

Hi folks,

Winter's coming a bit late this year. They said we still have rain for a while. Have you ever touched the wintertime in Thailand. Imagine green scenery around you with cold breeze, waterfalls and streams flowing, clear blue sea and sky, It's time for swimming, biking and running. Let's go triathlon.
If you haven't got the teaching jobs yet, you'd better talk to be. I need two native English teachers and a Chinese teacher now. As usual, male/female, BA/BSc degree, TESOL/TEFL certificate, experience isn't essential. Email: koonyui@gmail.com for Skype chat or call: 6681-9455586.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My latest designs

Dear friends, 
I'm not a missing person yet. Still making more works of art as usual. Check them out.
Thuppamullabutra the Thera
Expertise in Managing Accommodation
       Thuppamullabutra was the son of King Mulla of Mulla State He was born while his mother’s dead body was burning. He was ordained a novice and became enlightened at the age of 7. At the first shave of his hair while ordaining, he accessed the first enlightenment. At the second shave, he was the second enlightenment. And so on to the fourth one, he finally reach the total enlightenment. He was the first priest whom was ordained by the Buddha in spite of his under 20 years of age. His expertise in managing accommodation was due to: 1.He was greatly capable of accommodating to other priests who’re coming to see the Buddha 24 hours a day. The night visitors would see his lighting fingers while they’re being led to the resting places. 2. He used to pray and make a wish for the expertise with the former Buddha.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jack Sparrow

I tried drawing on a big piece of white cloth
and using different media. This picture was drawn with permanent markers and charcoal pencils.